"The journey of my music has been one constant tug-of-war between my ego and self-awareness. Every victory for my ego is a loss for my art. Every victory for my self-awareness is a loss for my happiness.” 


Pete Ford’s ‘journey’ began at a local mall kiosk in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Being raised in a family of successful business people, he channeled his inner entrepreneurial spirit and opened ‘The Serenade Store,’ a little one-stop shop where he wrote, recorded and performed customized songs for literally anyone. 

“I would serenade the CEO of a multi-million dollar business and record a song for some lady who wanted her husband to buy her a boob job” Ford laughed.

Featured in countless tv stations, newspapers and blogs including WCCO’s ‘Minnesotans to Meet,’ Ford had actually started a successful albeit ridiculous business. 

“It wasn’t until I found a tiny sliver of success that I realized I don’t give two shits about success” Ford joked. He decided to give up the boob job songwriting business and pursue something that actually meant something.

Pete moved to Chicago and took a job at a nearby School of Rock. Yes, the same School of Rock you saw in that Jack Black movie. 


“It started as a mere day job but I quickly fell in love with it” Ford acknowledged. In fact, he loved it so much that he began writing and recording a full-length album with his students. “Once I dropped my ego and recognized that some of these kids are actually better than me, the idea sort of fell into my lap.” 

The album has been in the making for over three years and some of his students have now been promoted to full-time band members. His vocalist Paden has already toured the country and performed Lollapalooza by age 19.


Pete Ford’s collaborative album titled, ‘Bohemian Dream,’ is set to release in the fall of 2018. 

“It’s probably not what you’re expecting. You’ll like it though as long as you keep your expectations nice and low.” 

He routinely posts new song snippets and creative live videos on his website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and welcomes all feedback, positive and negative. As Ford eloquently puts it, “It’s nice to see which of my songs suck the least.”   

The music surrounding Pete’s self-loathing awareness and his young prodigy students will surely be an interesting listen. “The best description I’ve heard so far is John Mayer meets Fleetwood Mac meets any white person ever.”  

No matter if the album achieves mainstream success or is a total flop, Pete Ford can rest easy knowing that he’s making true and honest art with true and honest people.